The countries that we often see in the media are some very limited countries such as Europe, the United States, resorts area etc…

According to ISO3166-1, There are 245 countries in the world, each country has beautiful scenery, beautiful people, unique culture, ruins, there is no the same as one.Each country has very unique and has brilliant existence.

On the contrary, there is darkness no matter where you go in the world, there are conflicts, there are poverty, and countries that are in crisis are also in now a situation.

Culture is deprived with the passage of time, nature is destroyed, and may not be able to see the same thing in the near future.

I want to see the earth that is undergoing such change with my own eyes, I strongly want to record and set the goal of visiting all the countries in the world.

I am just a traveler who passes in an instant like the wind.

Even if I get to know politics and culture only then, I can not confront this problem and I can not do much to tell. 

However, as traveler,and as a photographer I began to think that I could be convey “the beauty of the country”.

Beauty is a universal matter at the base of human beings. And its beauty is a gift from God to keep in posterity.

There is a wonderful thing like a jewel in every country and every frontier.

I hope many people will turn to the distant country where many people have not yet seen the country of the isolated island and the spot not hit by shine.

Ayano Kuromizu
















黒水 綾乃